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Fountain of the Innocents

Local name: Fontaine des Innocents

The facility was built in the years 1547-1550. Is the oldest monumental fountain in Paris. It presents a new style of French Renaissance. The fountain has numerous decorations by Jean Gujon, one of the first French artists to draw inspiration from the sculptures of ancient Rome.

The facility was built to commemorate the solemn entry of King Henry II into Paris in 1549. Although he stood next to the Cemetery of the Holy Innocents, due to his style inspired by the nymphaeum of ancient Rome, at first he was called the Fountain of the Nymph.

In connection with the liquidation of nearby cemeteries in 1787, the fountain was intended for destruction. Thanks to the writer's efforts, Quatremere de Quincy, who called for the preservation of the "masterpiece of French sculpture", was only moved to the center of the market.
In 1858 it was again moved to its present location - on a modest pedestal in the middle of the square.


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