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Miniature Museum and Cinema

Local name: Musée Miniature et Cinéma

The Museum of Miniatures and Film is located in the historic building of the former House of Lawyers in Lyon. The museum has two permanent collections: a collection dedicated to the art of miniatures and a collection dedicated to special effects and techniques used in their implementation. It is a private museum, founded by the artist miniaturist Dan Ohlmann.

The museum presents costumes, masks and dentures used for film making, backgrounds, 3D animations, digital animations, car miniatures, sets of miniature cities and villages, as well as life-size models. You can see here, among others decorations from the movie Perfume: basement, workshop, office and perfume store.

The Museum of Miniatures and Film presents animations from the film Alien vs. Predator and many other works of world cinema. In the attic of the museum there is a collection of works of the founder, Dan Ohlmann and works of other miniaturists: Ronan-Jim Sevellec, Julian Martinez, Françoise Andres Chouard and Yves Michel Perez.


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