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Lyon Town Hall

Local name: Hôtel de Ville de Lyon

The Baroque city hall of Lyon is a building with historic: facade, belfry, main hall and stairs of honor. The city archive is also located here. The stones for its construction come from four different places: Villebois, Seyssel, Cleyssy and Saint-Cyr. The most valuable elements of this building are

In the 17th century, Lyon was considerably expanded, and the Rhône peninsula became the city center. The downtown's new urban layout has two squares located near each other: des Terreaux and de la Comédie. The place between these representative squares was considered ideal for the construction of a new city hall.

The town hall was built in the years 1645 - 1651 by Simon Maupin. After a fire in 1674, the building was rebuilt and modified, including its facade, which gained a new face. Designed and implemented by Jules Hardouin Mansart and his student Robert de Cotte. During the French Revolution, the sculpture of Louis XIV on a horse was removed.


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    Place de la Comédie 169001 Lyon , France