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Corsica is a small island in the Mediterranean. It neighbors through the Strait of St. Boniface with Italian Sardinia and is known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Due to the beautiful, sandy and pebble beaches and shallow, turquoise sea, it is the destination of holiday rest.

Despite its beauty, the island is still somewhat off the beaten path of the French tourist mainstream. Therefore, provincial towns with small taverns have survived here, and instead of huge tourist complexes, smaller hotels and guesthouses, often run by families, dominate.

Corsica is famous for its stunning views. The interior of the island is occupied by mountain massifs exceeding 2000 m above sea level. The mountains are bare, rocky, only in the lower parts covered with meadows and thickets of poppies. Sheep graze here, and sheep's cheese is one of the region's landmarks.

The Corsican coast is over 1000 km long and is characterized by numerous coves and islets. There is one of the most beautiful French beaches, Rondinara. Popular beaches include the beaches of Saleccia, Palomabaggia, San Ciprioanu and Porto-Vecchio.

Ajaccio is the capital and main city of Corsica, where you can visit the family home of Napoleon, as well as the 14th century cathedral and the 16th century citadel. On the steep seashore, on the top of the cliffs lies the picturesque Bonifacio. Historic churches can be found in almost all major towns and villages, and Roman archaeological sites can be found in Filitosa and Georges de Spelunca.

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