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Walt Disney Studios Park

Local name: Parc Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios Park is part of Disneyland Resort Paris. It is a theme park inspired by productions from Walt Disney and Pixar Studio. Unlike the neighboring Disneyland Park at Walt Disney Studios, the focus was largely on the back room of film production, such as music, stuntmen and special effects.

The park is full of attractions characteristic for places such as carousels, rollercoasters, queues, race tracks and special shows inspired by film productions. They are given in the binding of four thematic lands. At the entrance of visitors greets Front Flight decorated in the style of Spanish colonialism that characterized Hollywood in the early twentieth century. Further visitors delve into the world of animated productions. You can look into the underwater world of Nemo, fly on Aladdin's flying carpet or see animations being created in Walt Disney studios.

Another land is a place for those who like emotions. At Production Courtyard, stunt and pyrotechnic shows await visitors, as well as a model of an abandoned Hollywood tower block with a fear room. The last land is associated with the productions that are currently on cinema screens and has a program adapted to them.


Attractions inside

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    Place des Frères Lumière 77700 Chessy , France