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Agde is a popular Mediterranean resort and one of the oldest cities in France. It is known for its rich nightlife and numerous events. There is also a large marina here.

The city consists of three parts, the old village of Vieux Agde, where traditional fishing and small-town buildings have been preserved, the fishing port of Grau d'Agde and the modern resort of Cap d'Agde. Each of them offers a different type of entertainment and is geared towards a different type of relaxation.

In the old part of the village, you can get to know the former life of a fishing village. There are traditional restaurants and intimate cafes. Likewise, the former fishing port has retained its traditional charm. A characteristic feature of the local architecture is the use of black basalt rock. A large part of the buildings were created from it, including the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

The most important attraction is Cap d'Agde, which is often called the most entertaining place on the French coast. It consists mainly of hotel estates, holiday apartments and guesthouses. There are beaches, including the largest nudist beach in Europe, nightclubs, trendy restaurants and bars.

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