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Bornholm is a Danish island located in the western part of the Baltic Sea. It is often called the island of the sun or because of its landscapes is an island of rocks. It is known for its sandy beaches, smoked herring and a huge number of bicycle routes and paths.

The southern part of Bornholm is flat and that's where the beaches are located. Vacationers from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway come here in summer. The 35 km strip of sandy coast is even 150 m wide in some places. Dueodde and Balka are popular holiday resorts in this area.

The northern part of the island is in turn hilly, with numerous rocks and a cliff coast, whose height reaches in the highest place almost 50 m. It is the most varied part of Denmark in terms of landscape, and through the hills reaching 160 m above sea level there are numerous hiking and cycling routes.

Bornholm is also known for its towns with former buildings and interesting monuments, among which the most important are rotunda defensive churches built in the 12th and 13th centuries. They can be seen in Nyker, Østerlars, Nylars and Olsker. In the northern part of the island rise the ruins of the thirteenth century Hammershus fortress. An educational center was established next to them where you can learn everything about the history of the castle.

The island also has its own specific culture related to the sea and is famous for its excellent smoked fish. In Hasel you can learn the secrets of fishing and smoking fish in the unique Smoking Museum. There is also a Center of Arts and Handicrafts presenting works of artists from all over Bornholm.

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