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Gudhejm is a historic town on Bornholm, known as the "smoked herring capital". It has a nice 18th and 19th century buildings, numerous smokehouses and intimate restaurants, and thanks to its location on a rock, it is different from the typically seaside, mountainous character.

The city was founded in the Middle Ages and was an important center of trade. It is assumed that it was here that the smoking of herring began on a massive scale and quickly became a local export product. To this day, the main place in the city skyline is occupied by the white smokehouse chimneys, and the streets are filled with the smell of smoked fish.

The most characteristic building of the town is the 17th century white windmill towering over the houses. Today there is a restaurant in it, where you can taste smoked fish, among others. Bornholm's specialty Sol over Gudhjem, i.e. dark bread sandwiches with herring, raw egg, radish and chives.

In the center of Gudhejm, there are many colorful, low houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. There is also the Glasrøgeri art glass factory and a small factory producing Karamel Kompagniet caramels. A visit to them is a popular attraction of Gudhejm and an opportunity to buy local products. Craftsmen also exhibit their works in the building of the historic railway station, where a gallery and a local museum operate.

Although fishing continues to occupy a significant place in the economy of Gudhejm, the port now also serves tourist purposes. Cruise ships depart from here to the island of Christiansø and to Helligdommen. During the cruise, you can see the picturesque Holy Rocks.

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