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National Theatre

Local name: Národní divadlo

The National Theater in Prague was built in neo-Renaissance style. It is known as the "Alma Mater of the Czech Opera" and a monument of history and art. The theater consists of three artistic ensembles: the opera scene, the ballet and the dramatic scene. Inside, there are historic curtains and unique paintings in the foyer and on the vault of the audience.

The National Theater in Prague, designed by Josef Zítek, was built for funds from social gatherings and from gifts from the Czech nation. The foundation stone for the theater was built in 1868, coming from the mountain Říp. In the foundations of the building are also stones from 19 other important places for the Czech Republic.

The theater opened in 1883. There are decorations of F. Ženíšek, M. Aleša, JV Myslbek, J. Mařák, B. Schnirch, V. Hynais. After the completion of the renovation, the theater was reopened on the 100th anniversary of the founding. At the same time, a new futuristic wing was added, giving the modernist-historical character of the building.


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