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Castle Lipnice nad Sazavou

Local name: Hrad Lipnice nad Sázavou

The castle in Lipnice nad Sazawy is a monumental, gothic fortress standing on a rocky mountain ridge. It is currently in a state of secured ruin. It is possible to visit its basements, rooms on the first floor and the chapel of St. Lawrence. From the rebuilt Samson Tower you can enjoy views of the surrounding area.

The castle was erected in the early 14th century by the Liechtenburg family. It was strategically located and repeatedly participated in the wars waged in this area. It was used until the 18th century, and in 1869 the decaying ruin was consumed by fire. Renovation works have been carried out since the post-war years.

The castle rises above the town's buildings. It is surrounded by high defensive walls. Two former towers were rebuilt, one remains in ruins. Restoration works are still underway in the castle building. On the first floor there is an exhibition of tiles that Lipnice was famous for. You can also see the renovated castle chapel with its baroque interior.


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