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Jihlava Zoo

Local name: Zoologická zahrada Jihlava

Jihlava Zoo is home to over 200 species of animals, including exotic ones. A tourist attraction is the part called "Grandma's Courtyard", in which domestic animals typical of Czech households are bred. Shetland ponies are also very popular, especially among children visiting the zoo.

Visitors to the zoo can see the "African savanna" exhibition, which includes runs for giraffes, red-skinned ostriches and antelopes, as well as desert cats and fennec foxes. South American animals live in the "Escondodo" section, including piranhas and monkeys of the claw family.

The garden was established in 1982. The greatest emphasis here is on breeding wild cats, monkeys and reptiles. The zoo area has been divided into several parts, each of them representing a different region of the world.


Attractions inside

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    Březinovy sady 5642/10586 01 Jihlava , Czechia