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number 16 in the city

F. X. Šalda Theater

Local name: Divadlo F. X. Šaldy

The theater is a neo-Renaissance edifice that is the site of theater performances, opera and ballet. It was named after František Xaver Šalda, a Czech writer.

The first theater burned down in 1879. In its place, the current building designed by Austrian architects H. Helmer and F. Fellner was erected in 1885.

The first opera repertoire of the new theater were the famous works of Wagner, Mozart, Verdi and Strauss. The opera "The Knight of the Silver Rose" with Strauss's music achieved the greatest success, selling out fifteen performances in the 1912 - 1913 season.

Specialist soloists such as L.ObručníkVénosová, G. Kopperováczy A.Orel performed on the stage of the Liberadzka Opera.

The ballet's first premiere was "From a fairy tale to a fairy tale" directed by R. Macharovsky. The creators of the ballet in Liberec include, among others: J.Škoda, J.Judl, and B. Svoboda. They not only performed classic titles such as "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", "Nutcracker", but also works of modern literature.


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