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Leoš Janáček Museum

Local name: Památník Leoše Janáčka

Leoš Janáček is one of the greatest Czech composers. For most of his life he was associated with Brno. He founded an organ school here in 1908, which evolved into a music conservatory. Janáček lived in the building of the Villa Chleborád belonging to the school. Here you can see original interiors from the beginning of the 20th century and instruments belonging to the composer.

In his work, Leoš Janáček referred to the folk culture of Moravia. His compositions were often in opposition to the mainstream music. For a long time they were not shown on major stages in the country. The organ school in Brno was also founded as a counter for traditional conservatories. In independent Czechoslovakia, it became a state institution.

Villa Chleborád stood in the school garden. It is a small, neoclassical building with a living room with a semi-circular niche with high windows and a triangular tympanum in the facade. Inside, there is an exhibition of memorabilia of the composer placed in preserved and furnished rooms. You can see Janáček's piano, musical notations for subsequent songs, pens, family photos, as well as a collection of knick-knacks and prizes.


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