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St. Michael's Church

Local name: Crkva Sv. Mihovila

Crkva Sv. Mihovila, or the church of St. Michał, the former temple of the Benedictine congregation, erected in the 16th century. To this day, the belfry has been preserved, with late-Renaissance and Gothic decorations. The church and monastery were demolished during the Allied bombing in 1944.

The tragedy of this part of the city took place on February 23, 1944. Allied bombs leveled the sacred buildings and many surrounding residential buildings. During the bombardment lasting several minutes, 25 people aged from several months to 70 years old were killed.

In 1952, the city authorities decided to rebuild the belfry - it was the first monument in Croatia raised from the destruction of war. The belfry has become a symbol of the tragedy of the city's inhabitants. The victims of the raid were commemorated by name in 2013 - a plaque was placed in front of the belfry.


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