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St. Mark Tower

Local name: Kula Sv. Marka

Kula Sv. Marek, or the tower of St. Mark is a 15th-century defensive structure that complements the Kamerlengo fortress. The tower's walls, about 3 m thick, were supposed to provide long-lasting and effective protection against sea fire. At the same time, the tower crew could fire a large part of the coast and the bay with cannons. Currently, it houses the House of Dalmatian Music.

The building in the shape of a centrally narrowed rotunda, had two floors - the lower had only one cannon hole - on the upper was five casemates, located around the central axis of the building. The top of the tower, crowned with battlement, served as defensive and observational functions.

In the past, the tower of St. Kamerlengo's brand and fortress were connected by a wall and constituted one of the most important elements of the city's defense against Turkish attacks. Currently, there is a sports field between the two buildings.


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