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Tvrdalj Castle

Local name: Tvrdalj Petra Hektorovića

Contrary to the name, Tvrdalj Castle is not a real castle, but a residential complex, which due to the defensive fortifications added became a castle. The complex also includes a garden that is open to the public. The buildings are part of the old town of Stari Grad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The castle was built in the 16th century as the private residence of Petar Hektorowić, a Croatian poet who designed the entire complex himself. Individual elements of the building had their metaphysical meaning: the fish pond was to symbolize Christ, and the loft of the Holy Spirit. When the city was attacked by the Turks, Hektorowić strengthened his residence so that it could serve as a shelter for the local population.

Since its inception, the complex has undergone several conversions and reconstructions, but its main part remains unchanged and is a perfectly preserved example of local Renaissance architecture.


Attractions inside

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    Priko b.b.21460 Stari Grad , Croatia