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Archaeological Site of Lovrecin

Local name: Arheološko Nalazište Lovrećina

Lovrečina Bay is a small and narrow beach on the island of Brač. Its biggest advantage is very fine sand, free of rocks and stones. Tucked away in a rectangular bay, it is quiet and its bottom falls very gently - you need to walk several dozen meters deep into the sea to make the water deep more than a meter. A fairly high stone wall limits it from the buildings and the forest. All this makes Lovrečina an ideal place for sunbathing for families with small children.

Lovrečina Bay can be reached on foot or by car - parking lots are a short distance from the sea. In the vicinity of the beach there is also a restaurant offering local cuisine. Trees just behind the curtain wall provide shade. The only inconvenience of this place is the lack of sufficient sand surface - the beach is narrow, and with a slightly rough sea the waves reach practically the curtain wall itself.

Being on Lovrečina Bay it is worth going to the nearby ruins of an early Christian temple. The preserved fragments of walls, the stone baptismal font and sarcophagi date back to the 6th century.


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