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Stari Grad Museum

Local name: Muzej Staroga Grada

The Stari Grad Museum allows visitors to learn about the oldest periods in the history of the region of the town of Stari Grad and the island of Hvar, as well as selected later fragments of local history. The museum has five permanent exhibitions, but temporary exhibitions are also regularly organized here.

"Abdevnor's Room" is an exhibition depicting the cargo of a Roman ship that crashed on the island's coast in the 4th century. A separate exhibition presents archaeological findings documenting the history of the town of Pharos, founded here by the Greeks around 384 BC. The next two exhibitions present arranged 19th-century interiors. The fifth exhibition presents the life and work of four important local artists of the 20th century: Juraj Plančić, Bartol Petricia as well as Pavo and Magda Dulčić.

The museum is based in the Biankini Palace. It is a neo-Renaissance building that was built in the last years of the 19th century and was the property of the Biankini family. The building also has an adjacent garden with over a century-old Himalayan cedar.


Attractions inside

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    Ulica Braće Biankini 421460 Stari Grad , Croatia