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Brodska Fortress

Local name: Brodska tvrđava

Brodska tvrđava, i.e. the Brodz Fortress, is a baroque defensive structure erected by the Austrians in 1715-1780. It was one of the major buildings of the great defense system designed to stop Turkish attacks. It covers an area of 33 hectares, surrounded by a rampart of packed earth, bricks and stone. Four thousand defended her. soldiers and 150 cannons. It is now open to the public and used as a venue for cultural and commercial events.

The fortress has a star-like shape, and in the center there is a rectangular, last line of defense, consisting of four bastions connected by a wall. In the center, a cavalier was erected - a horseshoe-shaped building, divided into 108 identical rooms inside, which contained casemates, armories and warehouses.

After the fortress was built, it was not allowed to erect high stone houses in its vicinity, which any invaders could use as bridgeheads during the attack. As a result, throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in Slavonski Brod was a city of small wooden houses, which in the event of an attack was easy to burn.


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Vukovarska ulica 135000 Slavonski Brod , Croatia