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Bródno-Posawska County covers a narrow strip of territory on the Sava River, at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an agricultural region, and tourism is concentrated around the capital, Slavoski Brod.

The region is located in Slavonia, a historical land which until the war in the Balkans in the 1990s was inhabited by a large Serbian minority. During the fighting these areas were incorporated into Serbia as part of the Republic of Sebska Kraina. The war of several years has caused major damage and the region is still facing significant problems today.

The most important city of the county and its capital is Slavonski Brod. Its history dates back to Roman times, and is now an important industrial center. In the late Middle Ages, a fortress was erected in the city, the remains of which can be admired to this day. There are also several Baroque churches, the Violin Museum and an industrial park showing historic trains and other means of transport.

Outside the capital, the region has a rural character, with small towns for the most part with new buildings. Recent years have brought the development of cycling tourism and a network of routes for cyclists, which revives tourist traffic.