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Ossetian-Baran County occupies the easternmost part of Croatia, which is surrounded by the Danube and Drawa valleys. It is called the granary of the country, and is also known for the huge fortress in Osijek and the swampy areas of the Kopački rit Nature Park.

The capital of the Osijek region is a city whose architecture shows strong Hungarian influence. The center boasts renovated, baroque buildings with numerous churches, among which the most important is the Franciscan monastery and the church of St. Anthony's built on the site of a Turkish mosque. The nineteenth-century parish church with a 90-meter tower and beautiful stained glass windows is also impressive. The most important monument of the city is the Middle Ages, the fortress expanded in the following centuries, one of the largest in the country.

Ovoakovo, which is famous for making excellent wines stored in episcopal cellars, is also eagerly visited. and the monumental, neo-Roman cathedral of St. Piotr and Paweł. Near the city is the spa Bizovacke Topice with thermal pools and a spa center.

A big attraction of the region is the Kopački rit Nature Park covering the swampy areas between the Danube and Drawa. Due to its ornithological values, it has been included in the UNESCO list of natural heritage. About 300 species of water and marsh birds live here.

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