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National Museum of History

Local name: Εθνικο Μουσείο Ιστορίας

The collection of the national museum includes over 650,000 items related to archeology, history, ethnography and art. Permanent exhibitions each time present about 65,000 items and are changed periodically. There is also a cafe, library and gift shop.

In the museum, you can see collections of coins, jewelry, costumes and uniforms, weapons and embroidery. Numerous works of art have been collected here, including church art, as well as an extensive collection of documents and photographs related to the history of the country.

The most valuable exhibits include: The Dabene Treasure from 2000 BC, which includes 15,000 items made of gold and platinum, and the Thracian Valchitran Treasure dating back to the 14th century BC and consisting of 13 gold items. Some of the Thracian Treasures of Rogozen and Panagjurishte are also stored here.


Attractions inside

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