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Archeo Forum

Local name: Archéoforum

The Archéoforum is an underground archaeological museum located under St. Alberta in the center of Liege. On the surface of 3725 m2, the finds were the result of archaeological research conducted since 1907. Prehistoric objects, remains of a Gallic-Roman villa, Merovingian church, Carolingian cathedral, Ottonian and Gothic cathedral were found here. The Archéoforum was opened to visitors in 2003.

The place where the Archéoforum is currently located has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The oldest evidence of the presence of human settlements comes from before 100 thousand. years, from the Pleistocene, when the Neanderthals lived here. The discoveries that the Archéoforum is currently presenting occurred accidentally during the construction of the sewage system in 1898.

Visitors can learn about movable monuments as well as, first and foremost, the exposed and preserved remains of buildings erected in this place. The last of them was the cathedral of St. Lambert of the eighth century, destroyed by French revolutionaries in 1794.



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