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Laarne Castle

Local name: Slot van Laarne

Slot van Laarne is a castle built at the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries. Only the four-sided keep was preserved from the original building (a defensive tower with rooms inhabited during peace). Originally the castle was surrounded by a moat - now it is located on an artificial lake. After a general renovation carried out in 1962, a museum was established here, which collects a rich silver collection and an armory.

The ground floor of the castle is equipped with seventeenth-century furniture, tapestries and paintings. On the first floor there is a silverware exhibition, which presents nearly 500 exhibits. Visitors can also see the restored lounges, chapel and former castle kitchen.

The fortress, made of stone, lost its military functions over time - the battlements disappeared from the walls, and the wooden drawbridge was replaced by a permanent arch bridge. The last private owner of the castle, Robert-Jean Christyn, Count de Ribaucourt (1875-1959), donated the ruined building for public purposes.


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    Eekhoekstraat 59270 Laarne , Belgium