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St. Peter and St. Guido Church

Local name: Collégiale Saints-Pierre et Guidon

Collegiale Saints-Pierre et Guidon, i.e. the collegiate church of St. Peter and St. Gwidon is, next to the RSC Anderlecht football club, one of the reasons for interest in this place. The first mention of the temple comes from 1046. The remnant of the Romanesque building is the 11th-century crypt located under the choir of today's church. The crypt is considered the tomb of St. Gwidon (950-1012), patron of the collegiate church and Anderlecht, but also of bachelors and epileptics.

St. Gwidon, called the "poor man of Anderlecht", came from a peasant family. The cult began in 1076, when during plowing destroyed the tomb of the saint. The numerous miracles of which this place soon became famous meant that a church was built here. The relics of the saint were kept there until the 18th century, when they were destroyed by Protestants.

The building of today's church was built in the years 1350-1527. The square tower distinguishing the building was built in 1517, and in 1898 it was topped with a tall spire.


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