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Gueuze Beer Museum

Local name: Musée Bruxellois de la Gueuze

Musée Bruxellois de la Gueuze is a museum of the famous Belgian gueuze beer. The museum was founded in the buildings of a former brewery, founded in 1900. Like many small breweries, the company of the Cantillon family in the 1970s fell into serious financial trouble. To avoid bankruptcy in 1978, the brewery was transformed into a museum.

Gueuze is made as a result of mixing young and old lambic beers (lambiek), which are characterized by sour, practically unheard of taste. Experts believe that Musée Bruxellois is the last place where you can get to know the taste of authentic gueuze.

Every year, the museum is visited by tens of thousands of tourists wanting to see how production takes place and taste the only real gueuze in the world. The museum also hosts beer festivals and special events.


Attractions inside

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