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Museum of Medicine ULB

Local name: Musée de la Médecine ULB

Musée de la médecine, or museum of medicine, offers a retrospective presentation of the development of medicine - from the times of Aesculapius, Hippocrates and Galen, through the Middle Ages (healing body ailments with prayer and relics), to the great breakthrough in the philosophy of treatment and medical techniques that took place in the nineteenth w. One of the most interesting exhibitions is the collection of 350 wax anatomical models illustrating the structure of the human body and its diseases.

The most shocking can be a visit to the exhibition dedicated to the history and development of surgical techniques. Visitors can learn how and with what tools amputation of limbs, trepanation of the skull, removal of foreign bodies (e.g. bullets or arrowheads), tooth extraction or cauterization of wounds were performed.

The department devoted to world medicine collected antique tools and descriptions of medical techniques used in ancient Egypt, in pre-Columbian medicine, in Africa and Asia.


Attractions inside

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