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Horta Museum

Local name: Musée Horta

The Horta Museum is a private house and studio of the architect from 1898. Currently, his museum is located here, and the building was designed by the master himself. In the magnificent interiors, maintained in the Art Nouveau style, you can see a permanent collection of furniture, kitchen equipment and other objects of applied art by Horta and his contemporaries.

Victor Horta is a Belgian architect and designer, considered one of the greatest European architects of the Art Nouveau style. He treated the light in a revolutionary way and never used straight lines or sharp angles, if only he could replace them with arches and a wavy line. Currently, four of his projects are on the UNESCO list: Hôtel Tassel, Hôtel Solvay, Hôtel Eetvelde and Dom and Atelier Horta.

The museum consists of two connected two-story tenement houses. Their facades were made of light limestone and combined with iron, wood and glass. The interior impresses with spacious, bright rooms arranged around wonderfully composed stairs. Beautiful stained glass, sculptures, decorated furniture and paneling made of several types of wood complete the whole. Every detail, from the house design to the wallpaper designs, is by Horta.


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