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Church of Our Lady of Sablon

Local name: Église Notre-Dame du Sablon

Notre Dame du Sablon, the church of Our Lady of Victory is one of the most important monuments of religious architecture. It is an example of Brabant Gothic and flamboyant (radiant Gothic) style. It is worth to see not only the richly decorated facade of the church, but also its interior, in which we will see the historic choir, organ and numerous paintings.

Sharpness, meticulous details and sculptures as well as impressive arches make the temple impressive, and inside it is almost overwhelming with its size. You can see here a quadruple gallery with windows in which there are huge colorful stained glass windows contrasting with gray-white walls. Inside there are two Baroque chapels decorated with white marble funeral symbols, numerous paintings, beautiful organs, and above all the statue of St. Hubert.

The church was built in the years 1400-1594 in the place of the former chapel, which housed a statue of the Virgin Mary, probably with healing power. Since then, this place has become the destination of numerous pilgrimages, so it was decided to build a new, larger temple here. Unfortunately, the miraculous statue has not survived to the present day, but every year, in memory of his arrival. Ommegang is celebrated.


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