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Royal Square

Local name: Place Royale

Royal Square is located in the royal quarter of Brussels, near the Royal Palace. It was built on the site of the former main market square, adjacent to the Coudenberg Palace that once stood here, which burned down in 1731. It is almost an exact replica of Place Royale in Reims. Important state ceremonies take place there.

Currently, modern trams run on the cobbled square. The neoclassical form of the church Eglise Saint Jacques sur Coudenberg from the 18th century dominates here. In front of the church stands the equestrian statue of Gotfrid of Boullion - one of the leaders of the first Crusade of 1096. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium is located in the western part of the square, next to the René Magritte Museum. In the south-eastern part there is the BELvue Museum.


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    Place Royale 1000 Brussels , Belgium