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Memling Museum - Saint John's Hospital

Local name: Memling in Sint-Jan

The museum is housed in a medieval building of a former hospital, which is one of the oldest surviving buildings of this type in Europe. There is a collection of furniture, dishes and other exhibits showing the operation of hospitals in the Middle Ages. In the chapel you can also see paintings by Hans Memling.

Memling was a fifteenth-century painter of German descent and one of the leading early Renaissance artists in Europe. In the hospital chapel there are six works of his authorship, including four made to order. The most valuable of them is the richly decorated reliquary of St. Ursula. In addition, you can see religious paintings and a portrait of a young woman, the only surviving portrait by Memling.

The history of the hospital dates back to the 12th century, and the first mention of it dates back to 1188. The building served as a hospital until 1978. It was then transformed into a museum.


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