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Saint Salvator's Cathedral

Local name: Sint-Salvatorskathedraal

The construction of the temple began in the 12th century. The oldest preserved elements of the building also come from that period. Initially, it was a parish church, it was transformed into a cathedral only in the 18th century. It was then that it was enlarged to a modern size and a soaring, neo-Romanesque tower, 99 m high, was added.

Inside the church are numerous works of art, including some from the Cathedral of St. Donacjan, demolished in 1799. The most valuable monuments include wall tapestries made in 1731 by Jasper van der Borcht based on the paintings of the painter Jan van Orley. You can also see a 17th-century choir, a statue of God the Father and a collection of paintings. They include 17 paintings by Jacob van Oost, as well as works by Rogier Van der Weyden, Dirk Bouts and Jan Garemijn.


Attractions inside

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    Sint-Salvatorskoorstraat 88000 Bruges , Belgium