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Market Square

Local name: Markt

Markt is the main square of Bruges. The historical center of this city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000. There are numerous historic buildings around and on the square itself. the most important is the Belfry which is one of the most important tourist attractions, reminding of the medieval power and wealth of Bruges. At the foot of the tower you can eat the most famous fries in the city.

The market square is surrounded by tenement houses with picturesque facades. The most important is the Provincial Court, the provincial court building. The building is a perfect example of neo-Gothic - a style in which part of the city was restored in the mid-nineteenth century. In the middle of the square stands a monument to two local heroes - weaver Jan Breydel and butcher Pieter de Coninck. They played an important role during the Battle of Golden Spurs from 1302.

The characteristic, narrow and pointed houses have restaurants and shops, tempting with decorated windows. In winter, an ice rink is organized in the middle of the square, which is an attraction for both locals and visitors.


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