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Local name: Dijver

A picturesque cobblestone street and the canal of the same name along it run from the Gruuthuse Bridge to Rozenhoedkaai and Huidenvettersplein. The canal forms part of the original Reie river bed. This is one of the oldest streets in the city - the first mention of it dates back to 1292.

The street is quite wide and straight. It is partially planted with lime trees, dating back to the mid-17th century. Nowadays it houses many restaurants, cafes and shops. There are also three museums: the Groeninge Museum, Arentshuis and Gruuthusemuseum, and the College of Europe. Flea markets and folk markets are organized regularly. At the bridge that runs across the canal, there is a statue of St. John of Nepomuk.

The name of the channel most likely refers to the Celtic word "deivo" meaning "God" or "divine". Just like the name of the river from which the channel was separated - "reie" means "holy water". Until the 12th century, Dijver was part of the first city wall.


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    Dijver 8000 Bruges , Belgium