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Tannheim is a Tyrolean village surrounded by mountain peaks. There are several lakes in its vicinity, and the whole area is a great place for active recreation, both in summer and winter.

The village has traditional Tyrolean architecture with houses with steep roofs, wooden balconies and attics. When visiting Tannheim, don't miss the Mariahilf Chapel and the historic Felixe Minas Haus farmhouse. Currently, it houses exhibitions devoted to the everyday life of the valley inhabitants. The local Tannheim Tal Museum also has interesting collections.

The main attractions of Tannheim are related to its location and mountain surroundings. There are tens of kilometers of picturesque hiking and biking trails that lead both through the valleys and into the higher parts of the mountains. Lake Vilsalp and the waterfall next to it are a famous excursion destination. The Tannheimer Railway takes you to the junction of the higher trails and the viewpoint. The surrounding peaks, such as the Neunerkopfle and Schochenspitze, are both hiking destinations and picturesque landmarks.

In winter, there are two ski stations in the vicinity of Tannheim, Nesselwängle and Neunerköpfle, which offer a total of approx. 25 km of inn runs. There are also cross-country skiing trails and snowshoe hiking.

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