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Burgenland is the easternmost region of Austria. It occupies a narrow strip along the border with Hungary and is primarily an agricultural region with a lowland, slightly undulating landscape. Its tourist center is Lake Neusiedl, the area is also famous for its excellent vineyards and wine production.

The region boasts the sunniest part of Austria and according to statistics offers about 300 sunny days a year. In conjunction with the second largest Austrian lake here, it gives this place a destination for summer trips. Lake Neusiedler, sometimes called the "Viennese sea" offers the possibility of rowing, canoeing, windsurfing, kitesurfing as well as swimming and relaxing on the beaches.

Burgenland is lowland, and its terrain is cut by low hill strips. Their sunny slopes are an ideal place for growing vine. The region is famous for its wine cellars and numerous wine festivals. His second culinary product is goose meat, which can be tasted especially in autumn during festivals and outdoor events.

The possibilities for active tourism in Burgenland are not limited to Lake Neusiedl. There are also around 2500 km of bicycle routes, as well as walking and horse trails. The richness of the area are mineral waters exploited in thermal baths such as Stegersbach, Bad Sauerbrunn, Frauenkirchen or Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

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