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Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is the main temple of the diocese of Liverpool and one of the most important local religious monuments. Belonging to the Church of England, the building covers an area of over nine thousand square meters and is thus the largest cathedral and religious object in Great Britain.

The establishment of the Liverpool cathedral dates from 1904 - 1978. The competition for its design was won by the young and inexperienced architect Giles Gilbert Scott, which caused a lot of controversy. Even more shouts of opposition arose when he changed the original concept during work and gave up the construction of two twin towers in favor of a more neo-Gothic character.

The temple is unique in many ways, including it is the longest cathedral in the whole world - its external length is up to 189 meters. Considering the total size, Liverpool Cathedral ranks fifth in the world ranking. Although devoid of a towering tower, it is one of the tallest church buildings on Earth.



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