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Knowsley Safari

Knowsley Safari Park is a zoo connected to a safari park, which is its main attraction. The route measures about 8 km long and crosses 7 zones in which 29 animal species live. Among them are several species of antelopes, zebras, deer and camels, as well as tigers, wolves and baboons. It houses one of the largest paddocks for white rhinos. In addition, there is a small amusement park with paintball and a children's playground.

Several national and international sporting events took place in the park. In 2012, the Olympic torch was handed over, watched by 6,000 families with children. In the same year the end of the second stage of the Tour of Britain cycling was organized here.

Knowsley Safari Park was founded in 1971 by Edward Stanley, 18th Count Derby, and Jimmy Chiepperfield, one of Chipperfield's Circus circus members.



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