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Osterley House

Osterley is a residence located in the center of a large park of the same name. It represents the characteristic type of wealthy country houses. Both the interior and the park are open to the public. The house was built in the 1770s. It has the form of a square with towers on each corner. Neoclassical interiors, finished according to the design of Scottish architect Robert Adam, draw attention with rich, intricate decorations.

The entrance hall is distinguished by characteristic, large semi-circular recesses on the sides. It is also worth to see the changing room, whose design was inspired by the Etruscan art. Some of the home furnishings that can still be viewed were also designed by Adam.

Inside the residence, photos for television programs and film productions were created, including for the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" and the movie "Top Secret" with Val Kilmer and Omar Sharif.


Attractions inside

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