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Santander is the capital of Cantabria and a popular, mainly Spanish resort town on the Bay of Biscay. There are nice, sandy beaches here and a spectacular rocky coast in the vicinity.

Santander was already inhabited in the Paleolithic period. There are several important archaeological sites here, including the famous Caves of Altamira. The city has the Museum of Prehistory and Archeology, which is one of the most important in Spain.

The city already existed here in Roman times, and under the reign of the kings of Spain in the Middle Ages, it developed into an important seaport. The local Maritime Museum reminds us of the relationship with the sea, both in the natural and historical sense.

Most tourists coming to Santander are Spanish. It is one of their favorite summer destinations. There are several wide, sandy beaches in the city and its immediate surroundings, such as Sardinero Beach. A little further, you will find secluded coves beneath rocky cliffs. On one of them is the picturesque Cabo Mayor lighthouse.

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