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Cantabria is located in northern Spain on the Bay of Biscay and is the smallest of the autonomous communities. It has over 200 km of strongly developed coast with numerous beaches and cliffs. The capital of the region is Santander, and the most important attractions include the Altamira Cave, called the prehistoric Sistine Chapel.

Due to the Atlantic climate, Cantabria is a green region with temperatures lower than in the south of the country. In its western part there are the rocky Cantabrian mountains, which the region shares with neighboring Asturias. Within them, many kilometers of walking and cycling routes have been marked out.

The capital of the region and at the same time the largest seaside resort is Santander with a promenade besieged by tourists, lying in a bay considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. The town of Laredo also attracts with its sandy beaches, where you can also see the 13th-century church and take part in the Great Fiestas of Batalla de Flores.

Cantabria is a land of small towns that captivate with medieval buildings. Santillana del Mar and Santona are considered the most beautiful of them. In Comillas, on the other hand, you can see monuments from earlier eras, as well as Villa El Capricho designed by Gaudi.

The region is also known for karst phenomena and numerous caves. There are over 6,000 here, and the most beautiful karst areas can be admired in the Cabarceno park. The best known of the local caves is Altamira with cave paintings from the Neolithic period. In turn, the El Soplao cave has a beautiful stalactite garment.

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