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Villa Amelia Gardens

Local name: Jardines de Villa Amelia

The Villa Amelia Garden are located in the Sarria district, on the western outskirts of Barcelona. It is a park maintained in the French style, with equal discounts and hedges. Many species of Mediterranean trees and shrubs grow here. Between the greenery you can find fountains, garden sculptures and small ponds.

The garden was in the past owned by the Girona family, who had their summer residence here. In 1930 it was nationalized and intended for a public park. Currently, it is primarily a recreational area for residents of the district. In its area there are playgrounds and a football field.

The park has a square shape. It has geometric paths marked out. They are protected from the sun by palms, cypresses, cedars, pines and many other species of trees. Countless colorful flowers bloom in spring. The focal point of the park is a small, artificial pond.


Attractions inside

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