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Museum of Archeology of Catalonia

Local name: Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya

The Archaeological Museum of Catalonia is located on the slopes of Montjuic, in the Palace of Graphics. It shows the prehistoric and ancient heritage of the entire region. It consists of five collections depicting the lives of the inhabitants of Catalonia in the prehistoric, Greek and Phoenician, Iberian, Roman and Visigothic periods.

The Museum building was erected on the occasion of the World Exhibition of 1929. It is a palace inspired by the tradition of the Italian Renaissance. The interiors were adapted from the beginning for exhibition purposes. The museum was opened in 1935.

The Museum collection is very rich. Includes objects found during excavations in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia. There are architectural elements, sculptures, dishes made of clay and metal, jewelry, weapons, means of payment and examples of burials from various eras.


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