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Govora Monastery

Local name: Mănăstirea Govora

The Govora Monastery in Vulpuleşti was founded in the 15th century on the initiative of the Wallachian hospodar Vlad the Devil. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Wallachia. The monastic complex consists of a church, residential and utility rooms and a defensive wall with a four-story tower serving as a belfry.

The simple facade of the temple, smooth and painted white, contrasts with the decorative interior, which is dominated by paintings by famous Romanian artists from the Brancoveanu era, also known as the Romanian Renaissance. There is also an original wooden iconostasis inside the church.

In the years 1640-1645, by order of the voivode Matei Basarab, the first printing house in the country was established in the monastery, where books and periodicals in Romanian were printed.


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