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Tropical Botanical Garden

Local name: Jardim Botânico Tropical

The Tropical Botanical Garden, also known as the Overseas Garden, presents plants imported from former Portuguese colonies. It is divided into several parts that correspond to individual natural and climatic environments.

The garden was founded in the 19th century. Plants from Macao, Brazil, Cabo Verde, the Canary Islands, Mozambique and Angola were imported into it. It mainly presents tropical and subtropical plants. You can see many species of trees and shrubs protected and even threatened with extinction.

In the park alleys you can come across sculptures of the heads of the inhabitants of Africa. They come from the time when slaves were brought to Lisbon. They were shown in the garden as an attraction for residents. In addition, small fountains and water ponds as well as faucets are located throughout the area. A large part of them is lined with azulejos blue tiles. There are peacocks in the park, which slowly walk on alleys and lawns.


Attractions inside

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