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Monument to the Restorers

Local name: Monumento aos Restauradores

The Monument to the Participants of the Restaurant War stands on Restauradores Square in the center of Lisbon. It is a stone obelisk on which the names and dates of battles during the restoration war were written, and bronze allegorical figures of Independence and Victory were placed on the pedestal.

The restaurant war was waged between the Portuguese forces and the Habsburgs sitting on the Spanish throne in the mid-seventeenth century. It eventually resulted in the Habsburgs being removed from the Portuguese crown and the Braganza dynasty being taken to power.

The monument on Restauradores Square was erected in 1886. It was designed by António Tomás da Fonseca. It is a stone obelisk tapering upwards. On its walls there are dates and places where battles were fought during the restaurant war. Bronze figures placed on the pedestal were made by Simões de Almeida and Alberto Nunes.


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