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Convent of São Pedro de Alcântara

Local name: Convento de São Pedro de Alcântara

The Monastery of Sao Pedro de Alcantara is located on a hill above the Alfama district. It is a baroque U-shaped building with a church in the middle. It represents a typical baroque type in Portugal, with a simple building block with very rich interior decorations.

The monastery was built in 1670. It was built on the model of a baroque two-winged palace with a garden at the back. During the earthquake in 1755 it was seriously damaged, which is why all the equipment comes from the late eighteenth century. They include baroque altars, azulejos wall decorations and stucco ornaments on the vault.

The only part of the church that survived the earthquake intact is the tomb of Cardinal Verissimo de Lencastre from the 17th century. Its interior is covered with reliefs made of different types of colored marble.


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