number 42 in the city


Local name: Iglica

Steel 'pin' located in Szczytnicki Park is one of the hallmarks of the city. 96m in height and 40t in weight construction built in 1948 on the occasion of Recovered Territories Exhibition immediately integrated with the city's landscape.

This modern monument-symbol is set on three-arm base firmly attached to the ground by 25cm in diameter bolts. Originally, construction was topped by special mirrors used for making light reflexes but they were destroyed during a storm.

There is a lot of stories related to the spire. For instance, in 2007 the spire was changed into the highest Christmas tree in Europe. Many have climbed it a number of times. The longest climbing was done by two students, enthusiasts of high mountain climbing, which took 24h and 15min. Importance of the spire for inhabitants of Wrocław is so great that its symbol became a trademark of many businesses.


Attractions inside

    Iglica map
    Wystawowa 151-618 Wrocław , Poland