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number 92 in the city

Church tower observation terrace

Local name: Taras widokowy na wieży kościelnej

The 97-meter tall tower can be accessed by a lift. It gives an opportunity to admire not only the red roofs of the Old Town but also, during good weather, far Sky Tower, the second highest viewpoint in the city.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wrocław is a forth church built in the same spot. It was preceded by the Cathedral of Bolesław I the Brave, the Cathedral of Casimir I the Restorer, and the Voltaire Cathedral. The present building is of Gothic style with Renaissance, Baroque and classicist features.

The panorama of Wrocław can be also admired from the Penitent Bridge, the tower of garrison church, Mathematical Tower, and modern Sky Tower. It's worth to have in mind that the church tower observation terrace is one of the highest.


Attractions inside

    Church tower observation terrace map
    plac Katedralny 1850-329 Wrocław , Poland