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Museum of the Duke's Brewery in Tychy

Local name: Muzeum Tyskich Browarów Książęcych

Located inside: Duke's Brewery

The museum known as Duke’s Brewery in Tychy is dedicated to the tradition and history of Tyskie Książece Brewery and the history of brewing in general. The exhibition consists of numerous barrels, bottles, machines, and tools used for brewing. The museum is located in the renovated building of an Evangelical church in the area of Tyskie Książęce Brewery.

The tour offers three visiting options. The first contains a visit to the brewery and beer degustation in the pub near the museum. The second consists of a visit to Tyskie Browarium and degustation. The third is a combination of both - contains a visit to the brewery, museum, and degustation. All of them target only adults.

Since 2005, the museum organizes summer event "See the Brewery at Night" during which actor-amateurs take part in spectacles. It's a live history lesson during which participants play a role of characters related to the brewery from different years.


Attractions inside

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    Katowicka 943-100 Tychy , Poland